We reward the regulars.

You trust us to clean your car quickly and safely, now trust us to save you money! A Skogie’s Membership is the ultimate way to keep your car clean. Simply choose a membership that suits your needs and then wash your car at any one of our three tunnel wash sites* and save big!

Membership Pricing

Basic Club Membership: $47.99 + tax/month
Protection Club Membership: $52.99 + tax/month
Deluxe Club Membership: $59.99 + tax/month
Supreme Club Membership: $64.99 + tax/month
Skogie’s Ultimate Shine: $69.99 + tax/month (Includes nano-technology Graphene!)

Just stop by one of our sites to purchase your Membership!

Important Information for Members who signed up prior to Sept 19th, 2023:
There have been changes to our washes. If you signed up prior to Sept 19th, 2023 there
will be no changes to your wash until Jan 30, 2024 other than the price increase effective end of October.  If you would like to change your membership to one of the new washes, please see the menu and see us after Feb 1st.

Changes to washes:
Basic: No change
Protect: No change
Deluxe: No longer includes Rain-X or Ceramic Seal
Supreme: No longer includes Rain-X or Tire Shine

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Frequently Asked Membership Questions

How does it work?

Pay one monthly rate and receive unlimited washes any day of the week, limit one per day.

What washes can I get with a Membership?

You can choose any of our washes for your membership. You can have a Basic Wash Membership, a Skogie’s Supreme Membership, or anything in between.

If I get a Basic Wash Membership, is that the only wash I can get?

You can upgrade to a higher level wash anytime right at the autoteller with the press of a button and just pay the difference. The upgrade will not be automatically billed to the credit card used for the monthly membership fee. Payment will be required at the time of the upgrade.

Are there discounts if I’m buying multiple memberships?

Yes! For every other vehicle you sign up, that membership will be discounted by $5/month. So, you only pay full membership price once. You can also mix and match memberships. For example, you could have a Skogie’s Supreme Membership for your primary vehicle and a basic membership for your work truck.

How am I charged?

The Skogie’s membership fee will be charged monthly to your credit card. Once payment is accepted, you will be able to use the membership program. If your payment is declined, the membership will be canceled. Sorry, no cash or debit card memberships.

How do I cancel or suspend my membership?

If you wish to cancel, or temporarily suspend your membership, no problem. Just stop by the site you made your original purchase at and we will cancel your membership for you. Please note, you cannot suspend or cancel your membership over the phone or online, you must visit the site so that we can give you a copy of the cancelation paperwork once it's completed.  There are no refunds for outstanding time on your membership but you will be able to use your membership until it expires on your next billing date. Cancellation or suspension must be done seven days prior to your billing date to avoid being charged for the next month.

Will my membership work on more than one car?

No, one car per membership. We will put an RFID tag on the windshield of your car with the membership. If the RFID tag is peeled off to move to another car it will destroy the tag and it will not work. If you change vehicles, just come and see us and we will remove the tag and place a new RFID tag in your new vehicle.

Is this membership program open to everyone?

The program is for personal use only and is not open to commercial vehicles. Taxis, limos, ride-share and app-based transportation service and other professional vehicles are prohibited. Also, if your car has an RFID blocking windshield, as some Tesla’s do for example, then we cannot offer you a membership as the RFID signal will not pass through your windshield.

How do I get a membership?

Just stop by one of our sites and we’ll get you set up. If you have any questions email us at [email protected].